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In this mass-producing machinery-led world, handmade products have been left behind due to the cost & time taken to make them.
We, at Qumash, strive to make them more accessible to you. An undying love for handmade artisanal creations along with the passion to promote the spirit of Indian artistry, that’s how this beautiful dream, called ‘Qumash came to be our reality.
Our aim is to breathe in the beauty of tradition yet constantly evolve and capture the sensibilities of a global man and woman. Our brand assures the quality and finesse of designer-wear clothing that ranges from kurtis, form-flattering gowns, Dresses, and Indo-fusion sets kurta pant, Shirt Pant, Jackets, Jutties, Jewellery,  kids wear Handbags etc.

Qumash is a marketplace of unique designs from across the globe. Our vision is to bring the world a little closer and make all discover worthy products, discoverable and within your reach. We are a group of passionate & energetic people working to make that vision a reality.

Contributing to our collection are artisans & designers from India & beyond. We work together to curate a collection of handcrafted products.
Well, that along with our wonderful, brilliant and stubborn team, this has been nothing less than a dream come true.
The kind of craftsmanship that we find in India, be it marble carving, hand block printing, jewellery making, there is a unique charm which makes it rare in its own way.
Our artisans have been given their skill and brilliance as a part of their legacy, passed on by the generations before them. It is not just a product, but a journey, which starts in a small village in Rajasthan and ends at your doorstep.
Qumash is all about celebrating the artistry in our beautiful, beautiful motherland, India.
Qumash provides you with a range of handmade products and accessories for your daily needs, which are not only locally sourced and made, but handcrafted according to your needs and wishes. It’s truly unique, made for to you. 
Nabila Parveen and her team started Qumash in 2020 with an aim to reinvigorate the interest in the lost art of handmade products. All the products are hand-made and heart-made, with love and unique story behind them.
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